Call for participation: ROS-Industrial Conference 2017 (Dec 12-14, Stuttgart - Germany)

Five years after the very first public event entirely devoted to discussing the potential benefits of a shared, open-source framework for industrial robotics and automation, Fraunhofer IPA will host the 2017 edition of the ROS-Industrial Conference in Stuttgart, Germany, on December 12 to 14. From its inception five years ago, the initiative went from proof of concepts developed by a few organizations envisioning to advance manufacturing through open source, to:

  • a worldwide initiative, with three regional consortia financially backed by more than 50 organizations
  • a growing collection of software packages, expanding the capabilites and the platform support of ROS
  • a number of installations of ROS-powered equipment working in production within industrial enviroments

We are pleased to invite you to join us in Stuttgart to reflect on those past 5 years, gauge the current status of the initiative through tech talks and application examples, and hear from the experts about the next obstacles to overcome for open-sorce robotics. You are welcome to browse the updated schedule of the event, as well as to preregister (early bird discount ends Nov 15!)

From left to right, a selection of the demos, talks and tours offered to the attendees of the event: Drag⊥ Cloud navigation; Robot lab (ground floor) and "Milestones of Robotics" museum (mezzanine) - images copyright Fraunhofer IPA