Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) is an ideal manager for the ROS-Industrial Consortium Americas for a number of reasons.

SwRI is an independent, nonprofit organization. SwRI is an impartial “third party” that will fairly arbitrate between different program needs and perspectives. SwRI is not driven to maximize revenue for shareholders (because there are no shareholders) and, therefore, provides an unbiased approach toward technology development and technology transfer. SwRI was an early adopter of ROS and has deployed ROS-based solutions to solve real-world client needs valued at multiple millions of dollars to date. As the lead developer behind ROS-Industrial, SwRI is an enthusiastic champion for it and will focus on nurturing the success and reliability of ROS-Industrial for all users.

SwRI has broad project experience within the robotics and automation industry. SwRI supports and works with many large end users, suppliers, integrators, and researchers. SwRI focuses on applied R&D and has significant experience bringing diverse groups together to achieve commercial applications using cutting-edge technology.

SwRI's 11 technical divisions offer a wide range of technical expertise and services in such areas as chemistry, space science, nondestructive evaluation, automation, engine design, mechanical engineering, electronics, and more. SwRI occupies more than 1,200 acres and provides more than two million square feet of laboratories, test facilities, workshops and offices. Specific facilities and capabilities the ROS-Industrial Consortium (RIC) can leverage include:

  • Machine Vision and 3-D Perception Laboratory – The SwRI machine vision laboratory has state-of-the-art equipment and software for prototyping machine vision applications. We own a wide variety of equipment such as cameras, structured lighting, optical components, opto-mechanical positioning, and other materials that can be used in feasibility testing. Potential machine vision algorithms and applications can be prototyped and developed with our software tools.
  • Robotics and Automation Assembly and Testing Facilities – Our robotics and automation assembly and testing facilities include more than 5,000 square feet of dedicated prototyping, equipment, and test space.
  • Robotics Test Bed – The robotics test bed at SwRI allows us to test and develop robotics applications, end effectors, and control algorithms. Utilizing the test bed reduces development risk and provides a resource for application prototyping.

Finally, SwRI has successfully managed more than 68 consortia in its 65 years of existence. We currently have many active consortia, which are listed here. For more about the history of SwRI's consortia leadership, please refer also to: Shared Research: SwRI’s extensive consortia experience stems from a 1984 law. Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) is an ideal manager for the ROS-Industrial Consortium Americas for a number of reasons.