ROS-Industrial is an open-source project that extends the advanced capabilities of ROS software to manufacturing.

ROS-Industrial Conference 2018

Dec 11-13, 2018, Stuttgart - Germany: final program, with extra talk on Amazon's RoboMaker.
Hardware, software, applications, and demos over the course of three days: regular registration until Dec 4.

Thanks to the generous help of ROS-Industrial Consortium APAC member Tony Robotics, we will have live streaming of the 6th ROS-Industrial Conference.

Interested in learning more about or even joining the ROS-Industrial Consortium? Start over at the Consortium FAQ, or you can find the respective region agreements below "Consortium" in the banner above!

Ros-industrial had the opportunity to collaborate with Microsoft and BMW to address a burning need for agile and flexible logistics automation solutions that can interoperate efficiently and be deployed at scale. We hope you find this a compelling example of open-source delivering end user value and how researchers and for-profits can work together to solve big problems!

Highlights from the recent Robotic Blending FTP Technology Demonstration hosted by Wolf Robotics. Features QA process execution, edge processing, and blending of a complex contour. This video was recently unveiled at ROSCon 2017, check back for a Blog Post to learn more about what happened from the ROS-I perspective at ROSCon!

ROS-I Asia Pacific Workshop 2017

ROS-I 5 Years Montage

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