ROS-Industrial Consortium Europe

Click to watch the overview video

Click to watch the overview video


ROS-Industrial Consortium Europe (RIC-EU) is based in Stuttgart, Germany, and managed by Fraunhofer IPA.

We work with our Consortium Members on next generation robotic products and solutions, and help support the robotics industry and community in Europe with workshops, events and training related to ROS.


For companies interested in joining the ROS-Industrial Consortium Europe, please contact Thilo Zimmermann ( for further information.

You can also reach the Fraunhofer IPA ROS-Industrial Consortium and Open Source Robotics team via this email or as indicated here.

Here you can find the most recent version of the template for the membership agreement.


All European ROS-Industrial Consortium events are listed under the the events page as well as advertised through our blog.

EU support via H2020 project ROSIN

The ROS-Industrial Consortium Europe is supported by the European Commission via its H2020 project ROSIN (Project runtime 01.01.2017 - 31.12.2020).