Q: How do I join the Consortium?

A: Please refer to the Join Now webpage.

Q: Can I leave the Consortium?

A: Consortium membership is for one year and may be renewed annually by remitting annual dues.

Q: When will my organization be invoiced for the year?

A: The Consortium's fiscal year starts March 1. Invoices are sent out one month in advance, on February 1. Organizations with net-60 day terms may request a Jan 1 invoice date. If an organization joins mid-year, an invoice will be sent upon receipt of the membership agreement.

Q: Are membership dues pro-rated if my organization joins mid-year?

A: Yes. This provision has been ratified by the Consortium Adisory Committee.

Q: Will the price of Consortium membership change?

A: Each managing organization plans to maintain the current price structure for the first thre years of their respective Consortia. Changes during this period require unanimous consent of the Consortium Advisory Committee.

Q: Who is part of the Consortium Advisory Committee?

A: A single delegate from each Full Consortium Member company is appointed to the Consortium Advisory Committee.

Q: How many people may attend events/training?

A: Member organizations may send up to:

  • 3 per Full Membership Status
  • 2 per Associate Membership Status
  • 1 per Research Membership Status

Additional attendees will be charged a fee based on the cost the event.

Q: How do I initiate a Focused Technical Project?

A: Full members of the Consortium may initiate a Focused Technical Project at any time by composing a single page proposal in quad chart format. SwRI, in collaboration with any participating project performers, will determine the cost and schedule associated with the project. Please see the Focused Technical Project page for more information.

Q: How long do Focused Technical Projects take?

A: We generally keep the duration of Focused Technical Projects to less than one year. Projects may be broken into milestones to stay within this limit. There is no minimum length. Strategic Projects may last for multiple years.

Q: How long does it take from the time a Focused Technical Project is initiated until work begins?

A: This is highly dependent upon the structure of the project. It may take as little as one month, or many months depending on the number of participants, and the intensity of their legal review.

Q: Can company affiliates participate?

A: Full members may name up to two affiliate companies who may participate in Consortium activities. Limits on headcount at each event still apply.