BMW AG: RIC Americas Member of the Week

BMW AG joined the ROS-Industrial Consortium to show its support for the use of ROS in automotive manufacturing processes and as communication infrastructure for cyber-physical products. BMW AG is currently using ROS in predevelopment departments within the production and car-research area. Related projects have a focus on mobile robotics, highly-automated driving and the evaluation of ROS-I for different industrial manufacturing applications and robot systems. We welcome BMW AG’s participation in the Consortium.


“ROS is a great example in research of how one common infrastructure for a large variety of different applications and platforms can increase both functionality and reusability of robotics at the same time. BMW AG envisions ROS-I as a bridge between manufacturing R&D and existing factory automation. We are convinced that this Consortium will help to identify industrial needs, increase the availability of drivers and bring ROS and its benefits closer to real industrial (every-day) applications.”