Company spotlight: Magazino GmbH

More and more startups are using ROS in their products, showing that ROS is the way to go for fast product design and development. And as the coordinators of the ROS-Industrial effort, we are happy to have an increasing community of users pushing the boundaries of what the Robot Operating System and its industrial incarnation can do!

Magazino GmbH is a "ROS success story". Based in Munich, Germany, the people at Magazino develop and build robotic solutions to logistic problems. The products that they are rolling out right now or that are in the pipeline for release soon include pick and place stations and mobile grasping systems like Kado and Toru, and their automated dispensing system for pharmacies Maru, which is currently being commissioned in Germany.

As Magazino's CEO Frederik Brantner told us during an invited presentation at the last RIC-EU Meeting, "with ROS we were able to go from idea to product within one year". Considering the startup-size of the development team and the complexity of the product (a "microWarehouse", as it was affectionately dubbed), this is a pretty amazing demonstration of what we mean by fast application development!

If you are a ROS developer fancying to move to Munich you can actually help Magazino pursue its goal of revolutionizing the logistics market, since Frederik anticipates substantial growth for their development team this year. So if you are interested please take a look at their job openings (german version available as well) and get in touch with them!

Software development lead Nikolas Engelhard will give a presentation on the topic at the 3rd ROS-Industrial Conference held at Fraunhofer IPA in Stuttgart, Germany, on June 9. A number of other interesting presentations on ROS usage in industry will be given. You can still register and attend the conference. Thanks for reading and happy product development with ROS-Industrial! If you have questions or would like to receive further information please feel free to contact us.