FlexGui by PPM AS offers an open-source intuitive interface for robot control

Following the announcement made at the last RIC-EU Members Meeting, PPM AS released a significant part of its FlexGui software package as open-source. FlexGui, which is now part of the ROS-Industrial project, is an easy-to-configure interface originally developed for the control panel of Nachi robots. Its latest release runs on any browser-equipped device, including industrial PCs and tablets, making it also suitable for remote supervision. ROS-integration makes it now possible to control through FlexGui the wide range of platforms supported by ROS, and its factory designer functionality makes it appealing for production scenarios rich of sensors and other networked devices, such as those envisioned by the Industrie 4.0 initiative.

In case you missed the FlexGui demo at the last RIC-EU event held at Fraunhofer IPA in January, you can hear the presentation by Laszlo Nagy from PPM AS given during the last Community Meeting. Click here for the recording. PPM AS will be present at the RIC-Americas Annual Meeting.