The first ROS-Industrial Developer's training in Singapore - A Success!

The ROS-Industrial Asia Pacific Consortium has launched it's first developer's training in Singapore. The training was sold out during the week before the training was kick-started.

To be conducted annually or on request by companies, it consist of 3 days of training presentations, lab exercises and eventually testing your code on a robot. In the case here we were using a UR5 to test the participant's code.

The success lies in the feedback and the creative energy from the participants to ensure that they continue to develop in ROS and use it for their applications.

The 1-Day advanced training in Path Planning and Perception is new this year by ROS-Industrial and with the help of Levi Armstrong, SwRI (ROS-Industrial Americas) we were able to roll this out in Singapore. The additional advanced training allowed participants to delve into the key concepts for path planning and perception.

ROS-Industrial developer's training calss

ROS-Industrial developer's training calss

ROS-I Developer's Basic Training-Singapore Aug2017

Many thanks to trainer Levi Armstrong for travelling to Singapore to perform this training. Thanks to our ROS-Industrial AP Consortium developers Joseph Polden and Conghui Liang for their help as training assistants.. The training curriculum is open-source and available here.

For more details about this class, see the event page.

If you are interested in attending the next class in October, keep an eye on this event page.