New Release of the ROS Qt Creator Plug-in

We are pleased to announce the release of the ROS Qt Creator Plug-in for Qt Creator 4.5.1 on Trusty and Xenial. The ROS Qt Creator Plug-in creates a centralized location for ROS tools to increase efficiency and simplify tasks.


  • The installation has changed from using a debian installation method to using the Qt Installer framework. This change is to facilitate tighter integration with existing ROS capabilities and libraries within Qt Creator.
  • A set of new video tutorials were contributed by Nathan George broken down into five parts:
    • Installation
    • Import, Build, and Run Settings
    • Create Hello World C++
    • Building Hello World
    • Indexing, Auto Complete and Code Style
  • Updated wiki using Sphinx and GitHub Pages to provide a richer wiki.
  • In an effort to make it simpler when using the dugger within Qt Creator for ROS an “Attach to unstarted process” run step was created as shown below.
  • A set of existing ROS templates were added to simplify adding ROS specific files within Qt Creator.
  • Additional changes
    • Show hidden files/folder like .clang-format and .rosinstall.
    • Support for catkin tools partial build capabilities.