CloPeMa Project Leverages ROS-Industrial

Two MA1400's used in CloPeMa program for manipulation of clothing.

CloPeMa, Clothes Perception and Manipulation, is a European project to research the  manipulation of clothing and other textiles with industrial robots.  The ultimate vision of the program is to autonomously fold “any" kind of clothing.  The grasping and manipulation of flexible objects is a non-trivial problem.  This makes the CloPeMa very exciting.  The research will definitely push the state of the art in robotic grasping and manipulation.  

Five partners are working together on this program:

CTU is utilizing ROS-Industrial to control two Motoman, MA1400 industrial robots.  They are expanding the capability in the Motoman stack to enable multi-robot control.  New capabilities will include the ability two move multiple manipulators at the same time.  The software developed under the CloPeMa project will be released open source.

Further information can be found at the following sites:

Official CloPeMa website

EU-FP7 Project website