Job Opening at Blue Workforce

Submitted by: Preben Hjørnet, CEO of Blue Workforce Robotics

Robot Control Senior Engineer

As we have initiated phase two of the Ragnar Robot platform development we are seeking senior robotics software engineering resource’s. You should have solid experience dealing with servo and process control challenges implemented on top of Linux( UBUNTO LTS) associated with RTkernel execution. Frameworks like ROS-I, Open EtherCAT ( EtherLAB) should be familiar to your previous work. Strong background with similar context software development within the robotics space is preferred. 

You will become a key member of a tight core group of development engineers internally and externally as we are conducting several project in close collaboration with key partners in USA/Canada, Europe and Asia. We have an entrepreneurial attitude and culture and you should be comfortable with playing a proactive role with a high level of freedom to plan and execute your task, and appreciate an open minded peer2peer based self-managing process, where you can have maximal influence based on your level of involvement and support to the team.

Blue Workforce faces a stage change where we predict a radical expiation of the organization and market presence globally. This will as we move forward continuously open new opportunities for your carrier and ability to catch new opportunities including relocating to US/CA other EU nations or Asia if desired. Currently we have operations in Denmark and soon US. The Position will for the first 6 months be residing at our facility in Frederikshavn/Aalborg Denmark.

Type: Full time

Skills: Embedded real-time robotics control software development. M.Sc./B.Sc. level.

Experience : 2 years minimum.

Languish: English written/spoken fluid at business/engineering level.

Closing : ASAP , no lather than January 15th.

Application should be emailed to, including CV/resume.